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The Armory is your guide to all the background information about the Kingdoms. Some of it, like the Kingdoms, Deities, and Races, is information about the story world, what it's like, and that sort of thing. 

All of this information is constantly changing as members like you help us by suggesting things, writing in the stories, and even inside jokes can become canon and part of the Kingdoms. However, some things will always stay the same:

What are the Kingdoms? The Kingdoms are thirteen separate dimensions that float independent of each other. Most people from one Kingdom don't know about any of the other twelve, unless they can use the Thread.

What is the Thread? The same way that physics are the rules that govern the way that our world is run, the Thread is the force that keeps the story world- and, in fact, the story itself- from falling apart. Everyone is connected to it at some level or another, but very few are truly able to manipulate it. Its primary use is to open Gates, although especially apt Threadweavers can accomplish extraordinary feats with the skill.

What is a Gate? A Gate is a portal or doorway opened with the Thread to another Kingdom. It is best for new Threadwalkers to open a Gate on a ley line, a piece of a web of energy running throughout the Kingdoms. If not properly controlled, a Gate can dump you in unexpected places, such as underneath miles of ocean, or in solid rock.

What are the Forces? There are three Forces- the Light, the Shadows, and the Name. The Light is the metaphysical embodiment of all that is good, while the Shadows embody pure evil. The Name is the Force of order. The Forces control the Kingdoms, and each Force utterly despises the other two. As a result, they constantly war, resulting in the destruction of the current multiverse, or Era, and one of the Forces creating a new one. Each Force is important to reality- after all, without evil, how can there be good? What difference do good and evil make without order to restrain them? There is a fourth being, the One Who Is, that is trying to destroy the Shadows and take their place as the "dark" Force. However, if that happened, reality would end, because the Light can't exist without it, and the Name can't survive independently.

Character Creation Guide

Name: Simple enough! The name of your character.

Race: From human to elf to dwarf and anything in between!

Appearance: What your character looks like. You may also want to include your character's age here!

Personality: How your character thinks and acts.  

Abilities: Any weapons or types of magic your character can wield, as well as any skills they might have.

Morality: Any titles or names your character has earned, their allegiances or factions, and their moral alignment.

Backstory: What's happened to your character before they joined the main story.

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