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Posted by Skye on March 28, 2015 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

There's now a TKS TVTropes page at if you wanna look that up, edit it a bit, whatever!

Changelog 3.3.15 + Updates

Posted by Skye on March 3, 2015 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey, just a little informal update. Important stuff though, so read this please.


  • eaglechildren --> avians
  • avani --> ??? maybe loceri, maybe ailurs, maybe konvel. it all depends tbh
  • we're cutting the number of Kingdoms down a lot!! this is actually a relatively big update. before there were Verencia, Ertred, Magsin, Taelos, Neos, Walson, Alonar, Vintclaw, Stelmir, Prime, Pelos, Tempus, and Shaleria. (and then technically Nowhere and Terra, as well.) Right? I think that's all of them? but like, that's a lot. too many to keep track of, too many to stay relevant, and too many to really develop. (and of course there are other reasons, like the fact that i'm not making 13 maps) so they're getting mashed together, updated, renamed, changed, and all that stuff! i'm not sure on the specifics yet, but it will Most Likely Be: Verencia, Magsin (rename this), Stelmir, Taelos (rename this?), Walson (rename this), Pelos, and one other probably? ok cool.
  • since there's a Lot of information, and it can be kind of difficult to keep track of it all, i've been debating on whether or not to make a little handbook-style PDF instead of a bunch of google documents! what do you think? it would be easier to keep updated and it would have all the information you could Possibly Want on the Kingdoms, but also it might be a bit harder to find information? so it's a bit of a trade off.
  • magic has been updated a little bit?? Mental magic/psionics is Not Really A Thing Anymore. Arcane magic is manipulating energy in the environment (mana). (Side note: mana isn't spread evenly, it collects in places and is "dry" in others! mana crystals would be a good thing to add to the story.) Druidic magic manipulates the energy inside oneself, and Divine magic is the manipulation of energy given to you by your god. (And then there's Ethereal magic which might get renamed but is the manipulation of the Thread.)
Cool, thanks for reading! As a side note, unless we get any more new recruits Into Fire will probably start this Friday or something this Saturday! cool.


1777 POSTS

Posted by Skye on February 10, 2015 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (1)

sorry just wanted to point out that after 5 years and all these stories i've finally reached 1777 posts in tks!! carry on

Project Penultimatum: Part II

Posted by Skye on January 23, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Some things happened. I'm about? Halfway through or so with the Dragon Kingdoms book; the planning + outline is completely done, and the actual, like, writing is well on its way. Some things have gotten in the way, and I started out a bit behind where I wanted to be. I rectified that, though, and things are going well!! In fact, I'm giving myself a bit of a break.
As you've probably noticed, SK is back up and running! That's exciting. I'm gonna be working on that again, with y'all. I'm also working on a ~~~super secret cool project~~~ because if I tell you what it is then it'll be a disappointment if it ends up not working, whereas if I keep it a secret then it can fall through the cracks with ease. Trust me, I'm an expert at failing when it comes to these things.
And in the meantime, expect new short stories, songs, etc. from me and probably other people too! Fun times here in TKS.
Also, happy birthday to me!

Welcome Back

Posted by Skye on December 31, 2014 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey you! Before you ask, yes, Project Penultimatum is still going on, no worries. There have been some minor setbacks including my lacking a dependable computer for nearly a month, but nevertheless progress is being made!! I think, when the book is finished, it'll really be something to be proud of. c:

But that's not what this is about! As of 2015, the site-being-shut-down part of P.P. is... not a thing anymore! Neat-o. To celebrate a new year, and a new era of TKS, we're opening 2 new stories! 「ERR0R」is a story for our more seasoned members who are familiar with the setting and wanting something new, with a sci fi premise and a cool dystopian theme. It's also our first true look into a possible doomed timeline in TKS! That's exciting, right? Then there's Into Fire, our story for newer members or members who are still somewhat unsure when it comes to the Kingdoms setting. The take on the TKS style of storytelling is fresh and going to be pretty cool!! 

EDIT: Also, the logo will be a lot less blurry once I get the chance to actually make a larger file size instead of just scaling up the small 90x90 version I have on hand? I curse my lack of Illustrator because it means I can only edit the logo at school.


Posted by Skye on December 9, 2014 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

listen to this remix of Spider Fight! that i made? it's, like, an actual game fight theme! it even loops

Project Penultimatum

Posted by Skye on November 12, 2014 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Okay, so, let me preface this post by saying that it's been an amazing ride with you all, and by no means it is even close to over. It's been a great ride and it's barely even begun.

"Project Penultimatum" is the name I've assigned to several things that will be happening soon. The name itself has manifold meanings, but here's the gist of it: obviously there's the punny combination of "penultimate" (second-to-last) + "ultimatum". This is because I have a habit of giving ultimatums (like "if SK doesn't get a post within a week I'm quitting", which is really immature and I'm glad that's no longer a thing that happens) and "penultimate" because it may be the second-to-last Official Design Note of TKS as we know it (more on that later), and because it's not The End in the way it might seem.

Onto the big stuff now: what Project Penultimatum is.

Essentially, PP, which is a very humorous acronym, is what is going to happen the next few months. Rather than explain it all in paragraph form, I thought it might be a bit easier just to provide a brief outline of what will be happening:

  • 11/11/14: Project Penultimatum is announced. (That's what you're reading right now.)
  • 12/01/14: I humbly and quietly cease to post in SK, without any fanfare. This iswhen I begin Officially Writing the Dragon Kingdoms novelization. I'll most likely pause my deviantArt and maybe even tumblr accounts to Truly Focus.
  • 12/22/14: The five-year anniversary of The Kingdoms Saga. This thing's almost legal (it isn't). Something may be Happening, but more than likely if anything happens it will be In Real Life, so not much to report there. Maybe a video or something will happen? Let me know what you'd like, I guess!
    You can equate me at this point in time to some vast feral creature, lurking in the center of the woods, always a vague threat to the small village but never actually showing my face to wreak unholy vengeance. Or, you know. You can, like, not do that. It's whatever.
  • 01/01/15: The New Year. Shattered Kingdoms as a venture in TKS canon will cease to be a thing. Instead, it is completely Up For Grabs with no moderation or mediation by myself. Kill everyone off, marry Shona and Akmenos, do a modern AU, whatever. Have fun with it! I'll still be hanging around, doing my thing; I'll just honestly be too busy to maintain SK and DK as well? I hope that makes sense!
  • Early Spring 2015: Projected time that the first draft of Dragon Kingdoms will be finished. Hopefully it will be earlier, but hey, we all know it takes me a long time to do these things. So yeah, that's a thing.
  • 06/15/15: The 3-year anniversary of Reformed Kingdoms. Hopefully the book will be finished by this point in time. Hopefully I will be able to announce a new, TKS-canon roleplay on this site. Hopefully we will all even still be alive. But hey, anything can happen.
    This date marks the Official End of Project Penultimatum, and the Official Reopening of The Kingdoms Saga v2.0: Roleplaying Extravaganza or whatever. Or maybe we actually finally work on that visual novel idea? Or an RPG. Or... whatever. Honestly the idea of having so many possibilities is really really cool.
  • 08/26/42: Your projected death date. Yeah, you. Reading this right now. You.
  • Not really. But I mean, maybe. Who knows for certain?
I've alluded to this earlier, but things are changing. TKS won't exist as we know it, but after those few months (closer to half a year, actually, but shh) TKS as a roleplaying community will exist in an even better and more usable way than ever before. I'll also hopefully have written a book by that point, which is pretty cool, and it will be a book that all of you helped create, which is even cooler.
On a side note, Intern Skye will probably continue to be a thing that happens on the sidelines while PP is happening because it's something I do for fun rather than for an audience! I had been intending a regular update schedule, though, which probably won't be a thing. Same with AGO2. City of the Chimerical will be happening as well, but I'll be pretty inactive. (Pyso, you're in charge.)
I wrote this only using one "also" and it wasn't even used for transition? Time to go before I mess this up.
See you around.


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