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Changelog 3.3.15 + Updates

Posted by Skye on March 3, 2015 at 2:45 PM

Hey, just a little informal update. Important stuff though, so read this please.


  • eaglechildren --> avians
  • avani --> ??? maybe loceri, maybe ailurs, maybe konvel. it all depends tbh
  • we're cutting the number of Kingdoms down a lot!! this is actually a relatively big update. before there were Verencia, Ertred, Magsin, Taelos, Neos, Walson, Alonar, Vintclaw, Stelmir, Prime, Pelos, Tempus, and Shaleria. (and then technically Nowhere and Terra, as well.) Right? I think that's all of them? but like, that's a lot. too many to keep track of, too many to stay relevant, and too many to really develop. (and of course there are other reasons, like the fact that i'm not making 13 maps) so they're getting mashed together, updated, renamed, changed, and all that stuff! i'm not sure on the specifics yet, but it will Most Likely Be: Verencia, Magsin (rename this), Stelmir, Taelos (rename this?), Walson (rename this), Pelos, and one other probably? ok cool.
  • since there's a Lot of information, and it can be kind of difficult to keep track of it all, i've been debating on whether or not to make a little handbook-style PDF instead of a bunch of google documents! what do you think? it would be easier to keep updated and it would have all the information you could Possibly Want on the Kingdoms, but also it might be a bit harder to find information? so it's a bit of a trade off.
  • magic has been updated a little bit?? Mental magic/psionics is Not Really A Thing Anymore. Arcane magic is manipulating energy in the environment (mana). (Side note: mana isn't spread evenly, it collects in places and is "dry" in others! mana crystals would be a good thing to add to the story.) Druidic magic manipulates the energy inside oneself, and Divine magic is the manipulation of energy given to you by your god. (And then there's Ethereal magic which might get renamed but is the manipulation of the Thread.)
Cool, thanks for reading! As a side note, unless we get any more new recruits Into Fire will probably start this Friday or something this Saturday! cool.


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